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Jul. 21st, 2012

hello... bueno aki... un one-shot... JETI ONE-SHOT
esta en español, espero pronto poder ponerme a traducir... :P
aunque todavia no tengo tanta confianza pero... bueno la practica hace al maestro :P

aki ta....


pareja: JETI
2351 palabras.

Jeti One-shot Collapse )

Hello... well... this is the second part of this fic... I'm a little disappointed... and well... my english is not that good so... I have to make this fic really short... I don't trust in my hability ... probably I had a lot or gramatical errors :(

well I hope you like it...

and well comment ... jojojo maybe someone can help me ... you know to learn...


bye bye...

The new me...
Two - The nerd confess
Two - The nerd confessCollapse )

Jeti fic... the new me
hey hey... a lot of time without update... :P
sorry... well now I got some inspiration...

oh... right... I forgot... sorry for my bad english... I hope you enjoy :D

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... back to draw ...


it's a very long time since the last time I draw something...
and well I hope this portrait is it good...


 Draw Tiffany ^^


Running in circles

Wou... A lot of time without post... Well I know i have to continued with xperiment but... I'm in hiatus with that fic ): my mind don't cooperate with me... Well but now I'm translating this fic... This is finish... And I don't ger in hiatus jejeje ^^

Well is one of my beloved fics... A JetiFic jejejeje I hope do you like it, this is just a sneak a peek... Jejejeje well any comments or question... Just do it... ^^ this fic has a spanish version available in corriendo en circulos - latin soshis

And no more wait... Enjoy ^^ 


running in circles

Jessica never thought that this moment would come, she was sitting in this gazebo, with her camera on her lap, with tears running free for her cheeks.
She always had thought that fall in love was something beautiful, when she was a teenager thought that was better love and lose that have never felt such a feeling, but now that she was an adult and thought seriously, she would prefer never to have fallen.

The tears kept dropping her cheeks, she looked to the horizon, raised her camera and took a picture. She needed remember this moment when her heart refuses to forget the person who loved. She knows very well that her heart was stubborn, and preferred keep suffering than forget this feeling.

Her mobile started vibrated in the pocket, She took the device and stared the screen, she pressed the button to answer, her voice was a little choppy for the tears - “Su... Sunny...?” - from the other side was heard a sigh and then a sweet voice - “Sica... what happened?... where are you?” - Jessica tried to contain a sob, and calmly tried to explain - “Su... Sunny I cannot stand this pain, she doesn't see it, says she loves me and than she knows me, but how is possible she be so blind... how is possible that she cannot see this hurt so much...” - the blonde was still sobbing, from the other side of the line, again can be hear a sigh - “where are you Sica?” - the blonde took air, she would answer when she listened a too much familiar voice.

It was the voice of the person that caused all the pain, her eyes closed and asked - “are you with her?” - she doesn't had a immediate answer, after a couple of seconds a shy answer was hear - “ye... yes... she's here... but...” - Jessica cut her before she would end the sentence - “ I know Sun, just... just don't tell her where I'm, don't bring her with you, please... I'm not capable of see her now” - sure she doesn't tell her - “I promise, just wait right there, OK?” - the blonde didn't say anything else and hung.

She kept looking the screen of her mobile, she realized that even this device mocked her feelings, had a picture of her and the girl that was owner of her heart. Sigh as she returned to look at the horizon.

20 minutes later...
Jessica was lost in thought when felt a hand perch on her shoulder, she turned to look and found a sweet smile, the blonde tried to smile, but had trouble because she doesn't really feel. Sunny sat next to her, she settled next to the blonde and took one of the girl's hands between hers, began draw circles, trying to calm the storm of feelings that Sica had inside. Jessica broke the silence - “do you know the ironic of this situation Sun?... she doesn't even know how I feel this, or that am suffering... she that says knows me better than anybody, she cannot see this” - the girl next to her looked at her with comprehension.

Sunny looked to the horizon, sighed and answered - “well yes... I think she is the only one that doesn't see your feelings toward her... and this is ridiculous because they are too much obvious... and you tell me what happened now?” - the blonde turned her face and now was staring at the girl beside her, Sunny does the same and their eyes met, Jessica took air for contain the tears and be able narrate what had happened - “the same of always Sun, she has a fight... and came to my, I provide her my shoulder to cry and the next day she left and went back to arms of her, and I'm back to be left with this empty that I don't know how the hell fill... this happened...” - Sunny looked at her and placed a hand in her cheek as tell her - “always is the same doesn't... since high school doesn't?... I still remember like if was yesterday...” - Sica just nodded moving her head, remembering how all had began.

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second chapter... I hope you enjoy it!
and thats all
bye bye 

Chapter Two
The past is getting closer with big steps...

We arrived at the house of Sungmin, Taeyeon still couldn't believe how bold the girl in the dress had been, especially for saying that she hope to be more "pleasant" the next meeting, Taeng was furious - "You know that she said it in a double way? right??... was an indirect ... she was eating you with her eyes!! ..." - I looked and only could smile, her small fits of rage, I always have loved it.

We were on the doorstep and rang the bell, and Sungmin appeared front of my eyes, my best friend, with whom I always had skipped classes, had walked along the beach, we always got in trouble.

I looked at him, I felt a thrill that I had not felt since I left, he looked at me - "Tete what took you so ..." - his sentence was incomplete when he looked at me, his eyes met mine, filled with tears and we are now in an embrace, transmitting love, brotherhood, many feelings ...

I didn't want to release him, I wanted to convey to him all the sadness and the need, the anxiety I had when I was not here. We parted slowly, he had his cheeks soaked with tears, sobbing a little for the excitement, I placed my hand on his head, the guy in front of me was as tall as me, I stroked his hair - "Hello Sun-oppa" - was all that came out of my mouth, he looked at me, stretched out his hand to touch my face - "You're ... you're here ... Sunny ..." - I hugged him again, he pressed me hard against his body, Tae looked at us with a smile, like seeing an old picture, Sungmin was still with tears in her eyes - "when you came back? .. . why you didn't call? ... why you never called us ...? I thought you'd died or something ... " - I watched him with amusement, he always exaggerated - " is good to see you again " - both smiled, walked into his house.

Being inside, I saw several friends. All laughed recalling the old times, adventures and antics of children, the evening passed too quickly, and it was time for questions, I knew this moment would come, so I tried to breathe deeply to calm.

Taeyeon looked at me tenderly, I always knew that her maternal side was powerful, that caused me an incredible peace, I relaxed while the stare of my best friend was trying to drill my eyes, to see my soul through the windows of my face, I stared back for a moment and then he asked - "why you didn't tell us ... I had my heart compressed, thinking the worst, I thought we'd lost you" - New tears formed in his eyes, my other friends are Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Hyomin, Nicole, also Nickhun, Taecyeon and Donghae looked at me waiting for an answer, we are like siblings, went to the same school, we shared many things, but they never understand me completely. I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed to find the words to describe what had triggered my escape, Tete also didn't know this when we were together before, I hadn't told her this part of the story.


[u]Monday's morning

I open my eyes to a new day, I think about all the good things that can happen today, the biology class that I have which I hate so much, but I'll be with others, with them any martyrdom turns into something survivable, I thought, my mind quickly traveled to Taeng's image, her smile, her lips, and before I knew I was already blushing, I jumped up to not to think or rather to not have bad thoughts. I did my normal routine, I went to the bathroom, and from the bottom of the house I could hear a sound, but I couldn't recognize what it was, could have been Kuhn, fixing or rather decomposing something, I didn't give it more importance, I left the bathroom and I returned to my room and got dressed.

I went downstairs and now the noise was very clear, my heart stopped when I saw the image of my mother on the floor, almost unconscious, Kuhn was in front of her body with a bottle in his hand, he looked at her with a frown while mumbling incoherent words, I went running and I bent down to get next to my mother, I examined her, she is still breathing albeit unstable, with difficulty, I turned to look at the beast, the smell of alcohol filled the room, I couldn't contain my anger anymore- "What the hell did you do bastard!?!" - the man just looked at me, smiled from the side, that made hatred of years to flow inside of me, I wanted to take his head and crash it into the wall, smashing that face that doesn’t stop smiling - , "she deserved it, how many times I have to repeat to you two to do what I say ... but she insists on taking the opposite " - I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and couldn't hold back any longer, dragging out years of anger, hatred because of abuse, I got up and gathered all my strength to connect my fist in his jaw, the blow caused him to stagger in his state of intoxication, he hardly could react , I go back and hit him again, now in the stomach, leaving him out of air and fell on one knee, taking advantage of it, I kicked him in the face, which knocked him down, he was half unconscious. I took this moment to take my mother, put her arm around my neck and held her by the waist, I took her to the door, I have to take her to the hospital.

I took my bag and went out with my mother to the street, I have to get some way to go to the hospital, then I saw my neighbor, Mr. Shung, he saw me leave my house with my semi-unconscious mother and he approached us almost running, he looked scared - "He got drunk again?" - I just nodded, I felt that if a word came out of my mouth the tears begin to fall, Mr. Shung watched me with a mixture of pity and understanding - "if you want I can take you two to the hospital ... I do not think you can walk with her" - I nodded again, he helped me introduce my mother into his car.

I sat beside her holding her lifeless body when the car started, I forgot the happy thoughts with my friends, all in what I could think of was my mother, if I lost her, I would have nothing or no one, the fear of losing my mother for whom I would give my life terrified me, I don't want to think anything, so I closed my eyes and try to calm down.

After spending all day in the hospital, I went out of there, walking slowly, I accompanied my mother most of the time, the other part I was trying to explain to the police what had happened, after explaining what I had seen, the police asked me if I had somewhere to stay, it was logical that when Kuhn wakes up, he will try to kill me, and although he wasn't at home, he had access to it whenever he want and that put me in danger, I can’t return there I have to wait for a couple of days until the police could have Khun under custody.

When they said I could go to a shelter, I immediately told them that I have a place where I can stay, and when the visiting hours ended, I left the hospital aimlessly, with nothing in mind, letting my feet walk, when I finally lift my head I found me in front of the house of the only person who made me feel totally safe.

I approached the door and knocked, I knew that Tae's parents wouldn't be in home yet, they always worked late, or they could be in some unexpected business trip, so she and I understood each other so well, our parents were absent or didn't care.

Only a moment passed and the door opened revealing a worried Taeyeon, wearing her yellow pajamas with teddy bears eating ice cream, before I could say anything, she threw her arms and hugged me, and that was all I needed for my soul to drain all the sadness, the tears began to fall uncontrollably, with no sound, just running down my cheeks.

She made me enter the house and while the tears kept falling she stroked my cheek with her hand, I was staring into space, she was the one who took me out of trance - "What happened today? ... I was worried, 'cause I couldn't find you in your house ... didn't know whether to go to fetch you or not ..." - I shook my head, I knew she was worried, but I don't know where to start, I wanted to take out all the pain inside of me, but I don't want to give that burden to her.

I started taking a deep breath - "My mother is in the hospital ... when I woke up today ... that bastard Kuhn nearly killed her, Tete ... I ..." - without knowing new tears started to fall, I couldn't control it, Taeng put her arms around me and relaxed me, she was the only one who knew my vulnerable side, with her I felt no need to be always a strong person.

We remain well for several minutes until she asked me - "want to spend the night here? ... My parents went on a business trip and. .. I'm afraid that psycho could try something against you. .. " - I looked at her and nodded, I really hadn't nowhere to stay over and this is the only place I wanted to be, in the arms of this girl, my little Kim Taeyeon, the person I love.

It was past midnight and we were still awake watching the ceiling both lying in bed, she was very close to me, her proximity always made me a little nervous, I was breathing softly, my head was full of thoughts, my mother, that bastard, the hospital, Taeng and the other guys, until I felt her hand caressing my cheek, I looked at her and I realized that she was drying my tears, who had begun to slide down my face, I turn and our faces were a few inches, she began to find my mouth with her lips, I get a little closer until her sweet lips touched mine, her kisses were sweet, tender, wanted take away my pain, but as the minutes passed the kisses became intense, the temperature rose, and my hands touched her body so desperately, wanting to have more contact, her hands tangled in my hair, I never thought that someone could comfort with just physical contact, and never imagine that the pain made you feel such a need.

After a few hours our bodies were entangled, were covered with sweat, breathing heavily, embracing and staring at us, I gently touch her face, she smiled - "You know... I could stay like this forever, lost in your eyes, in this sea of chocolate so intense as the cocoa... I'll always be with you and only you. " - I looked at her and kissed her forehead, then her nose and finally her lips and the words left my mouth, those three words that hadn't been able to say before - "I love you" -, I didn't think it I just said it, feeling more than ever, she looked at me and smiled, hugged me and moved closer to me, our lips met again.

The next day we went to school, we were holding hands and when we got close to school we have to let our hands off, no one have to know about us or else, everything would fall apart and I was not willing to lose her.

On the way we find Sungmin, Sooyoung and the others and began to wonder if I was OK, Sungmin didn't need much explanation, we know each other very well that with just a glance, we can communicate to each other, so there was not necessary an explanation to him.
All together went to our destination, I really liked school, would rather be there than listening to the screams in my house. The day passed smoothly, and I told Tae that I wanted to go to look for clothes to my house and then go to see my mother, she nodded and before we parted, she said -
"come home and I will have dinner ready " - I smiled and walked happily to my destination.

I got home, looked for some clothes, I was still happy and my mind was filled with happy thoughts, I walked back and forth looking for clothes for my mother and for myself, I didn't even heard the front door opening nor the stairs creaking, I just woke up to reality when I saw Kuhn in the doorway, again with a bottle in his hand, and with that smug look that makes me explode, the last thing I remember was his cold voice saying - "Now ... I will teach you manners ... you will regret until the end of your days for having touched me" - and I have only some pictures of that time, pain, severe pain in my face, my ribs, my head, I had little memories of that monster hitting me with all his might and me trying to cover me, to respond, but he was much bigger.

I got up fast as I could, I saw a lot of blood on the floor, I assumed it was mine because of the dizziness when I got up and makes me fall back to the floor, I got up, I had to get out of there, I walked to the door, took the clothes I had taken before, I don't know how long I was unconscious, I only know that it was already night, I went downstairs, also thinking hurts like hell, I carefully watched and walked as fast as I could just to get out of the house, as fast as my body allowed me, I reached the door and terror gripped me to hear his voice - "Where do you think you are going??, this is just beginning ... come here damn it!" - I turned on my heel and looked at him, he had a sort of stick, I realized that was one of the legs of the table in the garden. I looked at him for a moment and thought that this might be the last thing I'll say and it will unleash all his fury - "You're a bastard, you don't know how to treat a woman, even you don't have cells of man either; so if you think that having something between your legs have all the right to strike anyone, you're crazy!! I'll chase you until the end of my days " – I remember him smiling and approaching half running, I remember my hands trying to stop the impact of wood that goes to my head, but the force made me step back, and be against the door, I felt a twinge in my right side ribs, I had to bend to retrieve some air, and I felt another blow but this time on the side of the head, I staggered, and with all my heart I set on the target, I don't know what happened, just know it was like a power was walking through all my body and I began beating him with all my strength, adrenaline filled me, and although I couldn't see because my eyes were covered with blood, I kept hitting, and I only stopped when there was no resistance anymore.

My whole body was shaking and to see the almost lifeless figure made everything worse, I took the bag of clothes and ran out of the house, I directed my steps Taeng's house, and when she saw me coming in that state, she tried to calm me down but it was impossible.

The next day was no better, the police had gone to school, they asked for me, but I had not attended it, the scene of Tae seeing me defeated and almost on the verge of collapse beyond me, I couldn't go to school, thinking that I might have killed that bastard had me torn between two emotions, I wanted to kill him for what he had done to my mother, for years of abuse, but the fact of thinking that I could end up like him, that I can be very similar to him, annihilated me.

Those days were the beginning of my nightmare, I went to the hospital to see my mother and she was awake when I came she had that look of disapproval, I knew something was wrong, I approached her, and before I could even ask her how she was feeling, instead she screamed at me - "What have you done!? ... accusing Kuhn of abuse and then trying to kill him?! ... want him to leave me? ... I haven't taught you that and... you've ruined everything ... how dare you! " - I couldn't take it anymore, I took all my feelings out - " What are you talking about mom??, that bastard nearly kills you!! ... all these years of his abuse... but perhaps you have lost the reason!?! Or what?!?! , ….. look at me mother... he ALMOST KILLED me ... it doesn't make you to worry about me even a little?!? ... HELL!! look at me mom, I'm talking to you!!! " - she was staring at the floor, she raised her eyes that were very similar to mine, the only thing different was the color, my father has brown eyes and my mother's has a honey color, but we had the same shape.

She then glared at me with hate - "your father doesn't care about us, then what makes you think you matter to me..??... I just know that if Khun leaves me or goes to prison, it's ALL your fault ... I want you to leave me alone " - and with that, my entire world ended up of breaking, I left the room, slowly and with eyes glued to the floor, tears come from my eyes.

I was lost until the sound of my cell phone brought me back to reality, I looked at the screen and read the only name that could make me feel alive again - "Ta ... Tae .. . I ... " - I couldn't gesticulate a word, she was silent, trying to guess what the problem was, she just said - " calm down, everything will be ok .. we have to meet somewhere else. .. it's dangerous to you to come here, the police are looking for you for almost kill your mother's boyfriend ... I ... are you ok? ... I was so afraid ... I do not want to lose you ... " - I smiled a little, at least someone cared about me, I said - "I'll see you in the park that is near your house, see you there ... I love you ..." - was the second time that I told her that phrase of three words and the last, I couldn't go to meet her, the police arrived at the hospital and interrogated me, I was more than 4 hours explaining what had happened, they could see the injuries I had, although they were smaller but didn't understand how my injuries could have healed so fast, things were not looking good.

I had to find a way to get out of there, the police showed me photos of Kuhn and I couldn't believe it, I don't remember had beaten him so hard, I have to escape, there was no other way.

I took the few things I had, my savings and bought a ticket to America, and that's how I ran away from that black hole of my horrible life, leaving behind the only person that mattered...



wou... firt fic in english... well i hope you enjoy... (:
and i hope you comment because... that help me a lot

no too much to say just...
enjoy... (:


First Chapter
The things I don’t want to learn

Everything seems to be going well. Nothing could go wrong now... I'm coming back from USA to my dear Seoul... I want to see my old friends, the city, the streets... the river... those places I remember from my childhood.

While the plane was flying through the sky, descending to get closer to the ground. I remembered everything I lived here, in this place... good and bad moments, all the things that I miss, I can't wait to see my friends and their surprised faces at the moment they see me,  I smiled at the thought.... for a moment I felt someone was looking at me, I could feel a pair of eyes on me, I turned my head just to find nobody was looking at me, though I still could feel someone looking at my direction..., I just ignored it and turned to see through the plane window again.

At the moment the plane made contact with the ground and stopped, I stood up and started looking for my stuff, feeling again that sensation of someone is looking at me but again I prefered ignore that sensation... the sensation I'll regret later.

I took my luggage and walked to the exit of the airport. I caught the first cab I saw and told the driver the address I was going to... I know… this will be a big surprise.

Finally, I reached my destination, the wind blew hard, and fluttered my hair, then I had a chill and a strange sensation came to me, and made me shake a little, I didn't give it much importance, I just kept walking... I crossed the street, and then when I was facing the door of the house, I took air and pressed the bell, I turned back for moment to see the other houses of the neighborhood; they looked the same as I remembered. My mind was wandering for all the memories till I heard the door was opening behind me, I turned on my heels and my eyes stayed on a figure looking at me perplexed... a smile was formed instantly in my face and my arms were extended automatically, I wanted to hug that girl infront of me, who has the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen.

She was still stuck on the threshold of the door and was looking at me as if she had just saw the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, her eyes were filled with tears and she pounced over me, I lost my balance a little and put one of my foot back to support her weight, I closed my eyes and let her scent invade each particle of my body, I remember this essence, it's a vanilla and chocolate mixture, I will always love this scent....

I felt how her hug got stronger while she placed her face in my neck and inhaled my scent, I was absorbed in the sensation of feeling her in my arms again, I put my lips near her ear and whispered to her- "you have no idea how much I've missed you" -, I felt how she shuddered to feel my breath hitting against her bare skin.
We broke the hug after several minutes, I was only inches away from her, looking at her face, I was so close, I could see the shine in her eyes, her agitated breathing and her lips… so pink and luscious, my eyes were traveling from her eyes to her lips, I was trying so hard to contain myself of doing something that I could later regret.

I kept looking at her till she broke the silence- "I thought that I'll never see you again."- I smiled to the comment, I showed a half cocked smile, she always told me she liked it, I put my hand on my nape- "I thought that I will never have the strength to come back... but I have many outstanding things to do here"- she stared at me with a serious expression, but when she saw my smile, couldn't help but smile too... I know how to get things with her.

Withdrawing her arms of my neck, she took my hand and started to drag me inside the house -"come on... let’s go inside, it's better to talk there... outside is not safe anymore." - I looked her with curiosity, raising one of my eyebrows and before I could ask anything I realized I was already inside the house, she closed the door behind me and put the latch, through my mind passed lots of thoughts, I thought only America was dangerous maybe I was wrong- "I never thought the things here have become so dangerous, I guess everything have changed in 5 years after all." - she looked at me with sweetness as if she was talking to a little child, slowly approached her hand towards me and placed it in my check, gently stroking it and looking deep into my eyes, I was absorbed for the chocolate sea of her eyes, while I was lost in her, she brought me to the reality - "a lot of things have changed"- and with that last sentence, she removed her hand from my face, it left a cold sensation in my check. She walked away from me, going to the kitchen's direction; I followed her slowly, trying to keep my eyes away of every part of her body that would make me have inappropriate thoughts.

When we were in the kitchen, she opened the fridge and took a piece of cake, which she cut and served it to me, I smiled, I assumed it was a birthday cake, it has been two days ago and I have not forgotten- "I have something for you"- she was curious- "you think I forgot your birthday?"- she smiled again, I went to my suitcase to take the gift out of it, actually I have presents for each birthday that I missed, I always wanted to send them but I never dared.

While she was opening each package her face changed with each gift, we have gone from the kitchen to the living room, and I was sit right in front of her, I have to say that I can't move my eyes off her; I will never get tired of looking at her.
We started to talk, told me what she and the others had made while I was gone, talked about her job and had quit studying for many reasons, I was looking at her carefully,  while contemplated every single of her features, she has changed in many aspects, she is now a woman, but I still could see some features didn't have changed like her eyes that seems to smile in their own way although now they have this thin black line that delineate them, her lips were the same, I remembered them very well, how they looked, felt and tasted... so pink as always, thick, those lips that invite you to be more closer to them and lose against them. Her skin is too soft as porcelain but I can swear it looked a little paler though.

I keep looking at her till she finished her monologue; I smiled trying to process all the new information- "want to see the others?" [/i- was her question, I just nodded my head in response, she took out her phone of her pocket and started to browse to find the numbers, while she was doing that without raise her head to look at me, asked- "so... how has been your life?, you didn't call since you left, I didn't believe myself when I looked you standing in front of me"- then to see I was not answering, I stared at her for a moment then I said- "well for now my life's fine, was hard at the beginning I started from cero then the things were getting better and better, and now I work as a photographer, I studied and I have a good work.... and now I came back to set up the things I left behind and kill my demons here." -, she just stared at me.

After a few minutes of silence and a intense stare between us, she just sighed and looked back at her phone, when she found what she was looking for, put the phone near her ear, and waited for a moment till she greeted someone in the other line- "hey Sungmin, do you have something to do tonight?"... no, it’s not an indecent proposal... I told you it is not... so, can I go to your place?, good, I'll be there at 8, see you, bye"- I guess she noticed the change in my gaze while she was talking, and I have to say that she sounded so familiar, no... more than that, she sounded so friendly, I tried to divert my gaze when she was talking, after all, I have no rights to be jealous of her, I'm the one who ran away without a word.

I stood up and walked to the window, I remembered about the times I came to this place, running away from where my mom and her boyfriend lived, I could never call that place... my home, suddenly I turned back to ask her about something but surprised her staring at me, watching me, in her eyes reflected alot of emotions, I could only recognize "desire", I can remember I had seen that emotion in her eyes only twice, before it was only me the one who had have that look, and now, she has it too, my innocent Taengo, the Taengo who looked at me as if I was a piece of meat. At being caught by me, she looked away and blushed, oh well, actually her face turned a deep red, I couldn't help but smile.
I swallowed saliva and for broke this uncomfortable silence, I asked- "do you have to go to work today?"- She put her eyes on me again, and gently denied with head and answered to me- "no... It’s my free day... why?" - I went closer, sat down by her side and told her- "I need to buy something to transport me"- she looked at me with curiosity and just nodded.

After another hour, we finally left the house, she locked the door and we started to walk, we have to go to the bus stop, walking in silence, it felt weird not to hold her hand, oh well, the force of the habit was stronger. I tried to start a conversation, but my mind couldn't find something bright to talk about at that right moment, all the thinking was not necessary anymore- "so, what kind of transport do you have in mind?"- I looked at her and smiled- "well, I would love something really fast, I think I already know what could it be"- she looked at me suspiciously, I could hear a little sigh from her -"you never liked to go slow"- I was shocked, I have to say something -"but I always took the time at the right moments"- she blushed, stared at me for a moment and at that fact I realized what I have said, instantly I blushed too and turned my head to hide my reddish face.
The way to the center of the city was quiet and weird, I had never felt like this when I was with her before, wait... yeah, I had been like this once before, and was when I confessed my feelings to her. But there was no way to suppress this feeling around us, is like a mixture of sexual tension and words unspoken yet. We got off the bus and walked, till I suddenly stopped facing one of many stores that were there, and she asked me- "why do you stop here?... oh no, are you thinking to get one of these....???" , I turned to look at her with a mischievous smile on my face like a little kid I nodded, -"I told you, I love speed!" - I took her hand and went inside the store, there were a lot of it, all were beautiful and shining, I stared at them with ecstasy, after an hour deciding which of these beauties will be mine, finally I sit down on the one that stole my sight, and told the seller, the one who every moment would look at my Tae, I sign on the check and pass it to him- "can I take this one, right now?"- the seller nodded but he still has his eyes on Taeyeon, I didn't like his gaze, so I took her hand-"come on Taengo, let's go to have a ride"- she nodded, I could see fear in her eyes, but I smiled, I gave her the most sweetest smile I have, knowing that it would make her feel safe and I was right, oh thanks god…she still trusts me, that certainly made my day for sure.

We ride for awhile until we stopped to eat something, while we were eating in a small restaurant, she spoke, taking me by surprise-"you are lying to me…"- I was shocked-"what are you talking about?"- she has a strong gaze on me and while playing with the food on her plate, continued- "you have said you work as a photographer... I don't think that the salary is good enough just to take out a blank check, or am I wrong?" - again that inquisitive gaze on me, my heart started to speed up and my mind tried so hard to analyze the information so fast as possible, but there were no way to skip this interrogation, I let out a sigh and I started-"shortly after arriving in America, I had a bad job, cleaning a disco, the pay wasn't enough for me to survive, until one day a woman went to the disco I was working, and she didn't stop looking me all the entire night"- I paused a bit to see her, she was serious, I better keep talking- "the things changed since that day"- I told her all the story, while I talked, her gaze and features started to relax, they softened, she wanted to confortt me, then at that moment I remembered the old girl who used to hug me until I fell asleep on her bed.

Everything went well, I'm feeling like I'm gaining again the connection with this girl in front of me, I wish I had paid more attention to my surroundings, for me the things seemed to be grooming, I could tell that everything is not going to collapse around me, neither those eyes that already know my upcoming future...

The day seemed to go faster than I wanted, and soon it was time heading to Sungmin's house.


Meanwhile in other part of the city....


Two shapes could be seen with difficulty in the darkened alley, they seemed absorbed in a game of stares, until one of the shapes the one who looked to wear a tight dress, with long and wavy hair, her body may leave breathless even to a priest, her eyes seemed to sparkle in the dark-"well... why did you come back?" - the other one moved slowly without looking away-"it's not of your concern Miyoung... so just stay away, I hate when you are sticking your nose where you should not"-The silhouette who was answering was wearing tight pants made of leather, a black blouse very tight to her figure, her eyes were dark and had a somber and listless expression. The one wearing the dress walked around gracefully -"then...there IS a reason... I wonder what could be...mmmm... maybe some business or maaaaybe you missed me too much....Yuri"- the one with the leather pants put a grin that instantly turned into a repulsion expression-"missed you??... it has not happened and will not happen ever... what we had had that moment was just a moment of desire, lust, boredom and no more....it's not my fault that you had turned into an obsessed psycho with me... I think I'm so good in the bed then,...." - the girl with the dress has changed her expression from a playful one to an annoyed one-"obsessed??... with you??... oh please come on....mmmm... but I keep wondering what brings you, the leader of the northern clan, around here again... something tells me that you have found something or someone that has caught your attention... " - the girl in pants rose and answered-"no... it's just that I got bored there in America" - both women stared at each other until the beast wearing pants broke the silence and tension-"alright I'm leaving you now Miyoung... I have to see how goes everything while I was gone"- and with the last mentioned, she disappeared, the woman in the dress only whispered her last sentence that was impossible for the other person to hear it-"I'll take away anything you want... if I can't have you... then I'll have everything you want"- with that, she disappeared of sight.


Some minutes later...

Before we reach Sungmin's house, we stopped at a gas station, I got off the motorcycle, while I was putting gas into my motorcycle, and again I felt someone looking at me.

Taengo got off the motorcycle too, she was entering the store of the gas station to pay for the gas and although no one was around, I still could feel that gaze on me and at the moment I turned, I found a pair of dark eyes as the dark of the night.
I couldn't move, through my mind crossed millions of thoughts and none was consistent, I just was seeing her eyes, the eyes have a look that is telling me to get more closer to them, I wanted to, but my feet can't move, my feet were stuck on the ground, she slowly was getting closer to me and I could feel an aura around her, mixed feelings swirled around it and enveloped me with her body so close to mine, it was a mix of lust, desire and a completly physical attraction.

When she was only inches away from me, smiled, a malicious smile, and with a whisper-"you smell so good... my name is Tiffany... and yours?"- my mind was still out of control, I looked at her from head to toes, she was wearing a bright black dress and very tight to her figure, showing every dangerous curve of her body. Coming back to reality, I answered-"emmm I.... I... Sunkyu... but you can call me Sunny"- I stuttered, stammered as if I haven't had seen a truly beautiful girl.

The girl smiled, she was amused at the sight of the shyness that could adopt someone who uses a motorcycle, the one who is feeling so intimidated right now, she passed her tongue over her lips, the smell of the person in front of her was driving her crazy, it was obvious and she is not going to lose this opportunity, a smell like this it's impossible to let it go, not when she was starving and it is not only for blood- "so cute... you are new here don't you?.... I haven't seen you before"-  the girl has her eyes stuck on the woman's lips, looking how the woman passed her tongue on those pink fleshy lips, it makes her have insane thoughts.

Standing there, I shook my head trying to think right-"no...no... I was born here, I was in America and I just came back today"]- she looked at me from head to toes, she tilt her neck to one side, letting me see her smooth skin exposed. She was watching me. "so, you just came back today huh?...mmmm are you busy?"- her smile become malicious again, I swallowed saliva, normally I'm not this shy, but I'm feeling like a little fish infront of a cat, I was fighting with myself, I've dated many girls, I can handle it, but before I could answer her, Taengo's voice broke the tension between us-"okay, I already paid for the fuel, let's g-.....oh emmmm is your friend?" - her gaze drifted from me towards the woman, and then looked at me really mad, I just could smile and make her ensure-"we have just met.... alright we better go to Sungmin's house"- I smiled, then I talked to the goddess with the dress who is staring at Taeyeon with indifference and apathy. TaeTae was doing the same, she watches her with her eyebrows frowned, it was like she was trying to kill Tiffany with the stare, to make the thing cool, I spoke-"ooh well, Tiffany, was a pleasure to met you, maybe we will meet another time"- She has her eyes on me again and smiled- "oh, pleasure's mine... hope the next meeting to be more... durable and enjoyable"- with that she went away, leaving Taeyeon with a mix of confusion, angry and indignation expression, I blush a little, and I put my helmet on, Tete was putting hers too, she was behind me and told me-"tsk.. so insolent, saying that to a stranger...gosh!"- I smiled and started my baby with destination to remember old times.

Elsewhere in the city ...

In a sort of abandoned subway station, a tall, thin, woman with the body of a goddess, was entering a dark place, several men and women doing different things, and they all turned to look at the person that penetrated in their territory, but everyone knew and would never do anything against her.
When she reached the end of the site, she found her most loyal companion and friend, he looked for a moment and then wrapped in happiness said - "Yuri... came back ... finally ..."  - she returned the smile, that winning smile -  "We have much to do, things are messy Yunho ... " - the boy looked at her, he knew too well to know that she had a much more powerful reason to come back, and released it without thinking - which is the reason for your return? ... what did make you to come back? " - she smiled at the questions, he knew when she was in a good and a bad mood, all that was Kwon Yuri he knew, and she felt relieved to finally tell someone, to share this feeling - found what I wanted ... a new prey ... and I think I fell in love ... " - the guy had a look of pure astonishment -" in love? ... you ... and what's so special? "  - the girl sat down, crossed her legs and stressed -  "Everything I've been looking, since her smell even how she is ... and she will be mine ... all mine"  - and with that said in her mind began to take shape a plan to attract and bring her down.




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Girl Or Boy .... Tercera Parte

olas olas...

aki la tercera parte... no se cuantos capitulos mas tendra jajajaj pero me gusta como se a ido generando en mi mente este fic :)
de hexo yo pense ke seria un one shot o un fic corto pero kiza no sea tan corto :O

chan chan!! ♫ ♪

antes ke se me olvide gracias a tod@s los ke leen el fic... tanto si comentan como no... se agradece y siempre es bien acogida la critica enserio :)

bueno sin mas preambulo... aki la tercera parte


Atando cabos

Sunny y Tiffany estaban en la habitación del ahora "chico", buscando en su laptop información sobre cambios, maleficios y demás.

El problema es que encontraron demasiado, desde cambios por algún hechizo, milagros, etc.

El único que capto la atención de Fanny fue el que decía que alguien podía cambiar de cuerpo por que alguien mas lo deseaba con tal intensidad, y se sintió culpable, al mismo tiempo pensaba que si le decía lo que había deseado el día anterior Sun se molestaría con ella.

Sunny la miro y tratando de no mostrar la tristeza que sentía, le dijo a la menor - " creo que... No tenemos pistas de como sucedió esto " - Tiffany sentía como la culpa comenzaba a crecer, mientras miraba al muchacho que se levantaba de la silla y se recostaba en su cama, Fanny se acerco a la cama - " Bunny... Yo... " - Sunny la miro y luego coloco su mano en la cama indicándole que se recostara junto a ella - " Fanny no te sientas mal, no es culpa de nadie, pero tendré que pensar en una solución... O tendré que irme de aquí... Esta es una escuela de chicas... " - la castaña que se había acomodado al lado del muchacho descansando su cabeza en el hombro del chico, levanto la cabeza y lo miro fijamente después de escuchar lo que había dicho, el pánico se apodero de ella luego de escuchar esto - " de que estas hablando?... Irte? No lo dirás enserio no?... " - la chica lo miraba con ojos tristes, el muchacho levanto su mano y la poso sobre la mejilla de la chica, por algún motivo tenia este nuevo sentimiento de protegerla, de no dejar que nada le hiciera daño - " Fanny no pongas esa cara, vamos sabes que odio verte triste... Además tengo estos sentimientos nuevos de querer protegerte... Vamos ven aquí, mmm... sabes que no quiero irme pero puede que tenga que hacerlo si sigo en este cuerpo..." - la muchacha había hecho lo que Sunny le pidió, se había vuelto a recostar cerca del muchacho colocando su cabeza en el hombro de chico, puso su brazo sobre el estomago y lo apretó, Sunny sonrió y la abrazo.

Estuvieron así por mucho tiempo, tanto que el sueño les gano la batalla y se quedaron dormidos.


Era pasada la 1 PM, Taengo ingreso en el dormitorio, no vio a nadie y tubo un presentimiento, ella sabia bien lo que sentía Tiffany por Sun, como todas las demás en el dormitorio, y temió lo peor, pensándolo seriamente si ella hubiera sido quien se quedaba con el muchacho probablemente no se podría haber controlado.

Golpeo la puerta de la habitación de Sun y como no hubo respuesta abrió, y fue bienvenida por la imagen de Sunny durmiendo confortablemente y Tiffany sobre el, sus ojos crecieron de tamaño por la sorpresa y grito - " YA!! Hwang Miyoung que demonios crees que haces!!?? " - Sunny se sobresalto por el grito y salto lo que causo que Tiffany cayera al suelo con un pequeño "ouch", el muchacho se levanto inmediatamente y ayudo a levantarse a Fanny - " Fanny estas bien?... Ya Tete... Porque entras gritando... Que sucede?? " - la muchacha lo miro mientras cruzaba los brazos y fruncía el ceño - " como que porque?... Estaban durmiendo juntos... Que mas hicieron mientras no estaba? " - Sunny la miro levantando una ceja y antes de contestar se acerco a la mas baja - " de que hablas, antes jamás dijiste nada porque dormíamos juntas... No es como si fuera a abusar de ninguna de ustedes... Sigo siendo yo... No creí que fueras a pensar así de mi " - Taengo suavizó su expresión y se acerco, cerrando cualquier espacio que hubiera entre ellos, tomo su mano y le dijo - " yo... Bunny yo no pensaría mal de ti... No es de ti de quien desconfío la verdad... Lo siento " - el muchacho la miro sin comprender y luego sonrió, coloco su mano en la mejilla y la acaricio, Taengo sintió como un calor invadía sus mejillas, sabia que se estaba sonrojando, pero no era capaz de romper el contacto, lo miro directo a los ojos, Sunny estaba mirando directo a sus ojos, ambas querían decir tantas cosas pero no era el momento, Tiffany los miraba, los celos crecían dentro de ella, y para romper el momento intimo aclaro su garganta, ambos se separaron y desviaron la mirada al suelo.


Sin decir una palabra se dirigieron al salón, se sentaron y Taengo pregunto - " y encontraron alguna información que pudiera servirnos??...  " - Tiffany negó moviendo la cabeza y Sunny suspiro y respondió - " no... Nada que nos diera pistas... Si lo piensas esto solo pasa en las películas... Es ridículo " - Tae asintió y declaro - " si lo se, pero ahora tenemos que lidiar con esto, creo que será mejor esperar a las demás para pensar que hacer, mientras preparare la cena" - la mas baja se levanto y antes de alcanzar la cocina Sunny ya estaba a su lado, sonriendo - " Tae puedo ayudarte?... Me siento un poco inútil en este cuerpo, por lo menos puedo ayudarles en las labores de la casa no?... " - Taeyeon lo miro y sonrió - " claro " - fue todo lo que dijo, aunque se sentía feliz de tener a su lado al muchacho. Tiffany que también quería pasar el mayor tiempo posible con Sunny se levanto y se sentó en la mesa de la cocina, así evitaría que tuvieran demasiada intimidad.


Esa noche...

Todas las chicas se encontraban en el dormitorio, todas habían explicado lo difícil que había sido explicar porque Sunny no había asistido a clases, y mientras cenaban contaban como había sido su día.

Sunny no tenía apetito, así que término cediendo su plato a Sooyoung, Yuri lo miraba preocupada - " Sun sabes que te hace mal no comer... Y no solucionara nada" - todas desviaron su atención al muchacho que se estaba levantando de la mesa, comenzó a caminar y sin darse la vuelta para mirarlas respondió - " lo se Yuri ha, pero no tengo apetito... La verdad necesito aire fresco " - y dicho esto se puso un gorro y abrió la puerta y salio a la oscuridad del pasillo, todas se miraron sin decir nada, fue entonces cuando Tiffany hablo - " aunque no me gusta aceptar esto, creo que es mi culpa que Sunny este pasando por esto... Mientras estábamos investigando, algo llamo mi atención... Una de las páginas decía que si alguien deseaba con mucha fuerza, podía lograr que la otra persona cambiara de forma... Y pues... " - Taeyeon corto a la menor antes de que terminara - " pero es imposible... " - todas se miraron y luego miraron a Tae, ella también se había quedado en silencio, recordando la noche anterior, Tiffany hablo nuevamente - " ayer yo... Desee que Bunny fuera un chico... Yo jamás pensé que pasaría de verdad, solo que la situación con Amber me hizo desear que las cosas fueran distintas y... " - todas la miraron, finalmente Nicole fue la que hablo - " no te sientas culpable... Yo... Yo desee lo mismo" - todas miraron ahora a la otra chica, y comenzaron a confesar lo que todas temían, Jiyeon se levanto y las miro, era la única que no había dicho nada - " unnies como es posible?... Pobre Sunny unnie... Ella ahora esta sufriendo porque ustedes... Deben desear que vuelva a ser como antes... " - todas asintieron, sabían que la menor tenia razón, y así comenzaron a levantar los platos mientras todas tenían una mezcla de culpa y de negación dentro de ellas.


Sunny se había dirigido de manera sigilosa a la parte trasera de la escuela, no sabia que pensar, no entendía porque su cuerpo había cambiado, quería llorar, gritar y golpear algo.

Estaba sentada contra una de las murallas que rodeaban la escuela, estaba mirando al cielo y cerro los ojos por un momento, recordó lo que había sucedido con Tiffany, casi la había besado inconcientemente, frunció el ceño mientras mantenía los ojos cerrados, este estúpido cuerpo y sus hormonas lo hacían comportarse extraño, ella pensó que jamás podría besar a nadie que no fuera la persona de la cual estaba enamorada, pero esa tarde había comprobado lo fácil que era sentirse seducido por unos suaves labios


Y también recordó a Taeyeon, como sus ojos se habían encontrado, Sunny había deseado durante tanto tiempo que la mayor la mirara, poder estar mas cerca, pero nunca lo lograba, Tae parecía siempre evadir cualquier momento intimo con ella, y por primera vez pensó que tener este cuerpo no era tan malo si le permitía estar cerca de Tae, podía hacer que sus sentimientos fueran igual a los de ella, y sin previo aviso sintió unos suaves dedos que trazaban la línea de su mandíbula, abrió los ojos y se encontró con unos suaves ojos y una sonrisa tierna, conocía muy bien esas facciones, de hecho esta faceta solo se la mostraba a ella.


La chica se sentó al lado de Sunny, deslizo su mano de la mandíbula del muchacho pasando por su hombro, trazo su brazo y llego hasta su mano, la cual tomo, la puso cerca de sus labios y la beso, trataba de confortar al chico, Sunny sonrió, sabia muy bien que todos malinterpretaban a la chica pensando que era fría, pero la verdad era que si lograbas traspasar esa muralla encontrabas una llama de cariño, preocupación y dulzura, Sunny noto como la muchacha temblaba de frío, se saco  el polerón y se lo puso en los hombros - " no deberías haber salido, esta demasiado frío Sica, que pasa si te enfermas, sabes que las audiciones de canto están muy cerca... " - Jessica lo miro por un momento yantes de decir cualquier cosa se acerco y le beso la mejilla, Sunny la miro fijo a los ojos y finalmente la rubia hablo - " no soporto verte triste... Y saber que no puedo hacer nada me mata... Daria cualquier cosa, incluso mi voz para que tu estés feliz y sonrías de nuevo " - Sunny negó con la cabeza, se giro un poco para quedar justo frente a frente de la muchacha y tomo sus hombros, la miraba directo a los ojos - " no digas eso ni en broma, yo... jamás ante pondría mis necesidades o deseos por sobre los tuyos... " - y con esta frase hizo que Jessica, que ya tenia sentimientos por ella, cayera completamente enamorada, y inconcientemente, siguiendo lo que su cuerpo y corazón necesitaban tomo el rostro de Sunny entre sus manos y presiono sus labios contra los de el.


Sunny abrió los ojos, no sabia como reaccionar, pero después de unos segundos su nuevo cuerpo le jugo en contra y cerro los ojos, sintiendo y dejándose llevar por la suave sensación de los labios de Sica, sus manos se deslizaron de los hombros hasta su cintura, y comenzó a acercarla.

Pasaron unos minutos y tuvieron que separarse para poder tomar un poco de aire. Sunny la miraba a los ojos, Jessica tenia un pequeño tinte rosa en las mejillas pero imperceptible por lo obscuro, deslizó sus manos por el cuello de Bunny sus labios quedaron a milímetros de distancia, y mientras hablaba podía sentir el roce y la respiración del chico en sus labios - " nunca me imagine que mi primer beso fuera tan dulce... " - Sunny no sabia que decir, la frase lo dejaba atónito, no quería pensar que había robado un momento tan especial, ella recordaba bien su primer beso y había sido el momento mas dulce, sobretodo porque había sido con alguien a quien quería, y pensar que le había quitado algo tan preciado a Jessica la hacia sentir como la peor persona del mundo, pero al mismo tiempo no podía engañarse, su cuerpo y sus sentidos le pedían a gritos probar de nuevo esos labios, ese dulce manjar, y no pudiendo contener sus necesidades volvió a posar sus labios sobre la chica.